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Feb 12, 2013 5:00am EST
((break 2)) worldwide reaction s pouringg pooe benedict the 16th that he - wiil retirr at the enn of this 3 came tto days before the start of lent... but the 85-year-old &ppapal leader says he doessnot &pinnhis capaccty as leaaer of the church.jennifee davis has details from washiigton. p &&p3 davisssays: "pope &&pbenedict the 11th, i the firss pope tt resign in nearly 600 years - and nnw thee -3 catholic hurch heads into uncharted territory."ccrdinal dolan says: "i have to be honnst, i'm as pf you." cardinal wwehrl & saay: "this is very & sttrtling. totally unpreparee for itt" evvn the pope'ssccrdinals and closest aidee diint see this ccming. the pope announcing this mooning hat he''l ressgn at the end of the month because he doesnt have he physiial strength to carry out his papal duties.(nats) in a - statemmnt the pppe xplaiied - i have had to reccgnize my 3 fulfill the ministry entrusted toomea"a&" hees had a relatively shhrt tenuree it -3 was just 2005 wen joseph cardinal ratzziger succe
Feb 18, 2013 5:00am EST
serrices.popp benedict the sixxeenth dellveeed his pecond-to-last aagelus blessing yesterday..he vvtican estimated the crowd at more than 50-thousand people... but policeeput it at double that - number. his speech didn't direetly meetion his decisiin to resign... but asked loyal pilggims to prry for him - and & the next pope. 3 laisa says: "maybe he as health problems, but therees also problems inssde thh church. many things havv happened that weere not awaree áheá shoulddffce." ffce."the pope's wiil step traditionally... vatican - 15 to 20 days fttr the papacy is vacant to vote ffr the new vatican have hinted that ay start a new pope 3 p - san franciscoo49er fans are still paying up on ome lost pets. this time at the inner harbor. 3 thanks to the ravens super bowl win, a group of & will be ccecking out ripley'' 3 this mooring. joel d smmth is live there now to pell us who'' ffoting the &pbill,,and whicc attractionn pould be the ost popular. good mooning joel d. 3 3 3 &p3 a city rec center scheduled t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2